Are You a Beer & Ale’r

We are a new party formed to assist the Tea Party.  It consists of those who can’t
take off work for one reason or another to go to the Big Rally’s.  We are
the After 5′ers, the Swing & Graveyard Shifters, the ones that get together after work      with a few friends and like minded individuals and solve all the worlds problems
over a few adult beverages.  We call ourselves the “Beer & Ale Party”. What
it stands for is, “Begin Electing Ethical Representation & Against Legalized
Extortion!”  We don’t want to replace the Tea Party, we just want to help.  Besides, they can be our DD’s if it comes to that.

If you’re tired of the Government Stomping on your Individual Liberty.  If you’re Sick & Tired of being told “We Know What’s Best For You” by The Nanny State.  Then this is the page for you.  By the way, If the Bleeding Heart Liberal, Commie Pinko’s want to make fun of us, Bring It On Wussies.  We Love nothing better than having a Battle of Wits
with multiple Unarmed Persons!!!


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10 Responses to Are You a Beer & Ale’r

  1. Lugs Lush says:

    Everything about this page is All Me. Thanks for your kind words about the design. I’m still learing so I hope to keep improving as I go.

  2. Lugs Lush says:

    Thanks for “Dropping In”. I’m glad you like it and if you have a “Pet Peeve” you would like for me to ck into, just let me know and I’ll see if I can come up with a “Rant” that is Worthy of your “Gripe”!

  3. Lugs Lush says:

    Thanks for stopping by & checking out my little ‘Rants’. By all means, if you find something amusing or informative, go ahead and “Quote” it all you like.

  4. Lugs Lush says:

    Thanks for the “Thumbs Up”. I hope you continue to enjoy it and don’t forget to tell your friends because I’m Just Getting Warmed Up! Hope to see you back soon.

  5. Okie says:

    Oops! That link was suposed to go to The Highway to Hell, but it just went to pjtv. Anyway, take a look at Andrew Klavin’s Highway to Hell, kind of goes along with your post.
    Is my face red?

  6. lesa beamer says:

    You rock. count me in.

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